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Steel Grating

Grating Introduction
Steel grating is made by bearing bar and cross bar according to the flat-steel weft arrangement, in high-pressure spacing on resistance welder welded by cutting incision, opening, overlock process such as processing and into customer requirements finished product.

Basic Info
  • Manufacturing by Electro forged Grating machine
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Middle Carbon Steel
  • Bear Bar Type: Plain, Serrated
  • Company Type: Manufacturer and Trade
  • Production Capacity: 800 Tons per Month,
  • STD gratings panel Size available: 6000mmX1000mm, also available as per requirement.
Product Description
Galvanized Standard Plain Steel Grating / Anti-Slip Steel Grating
We have an Electro-forged machine with the flexibility and capacity of welding a very wide range of bearing bar of size from 20*3 mm up to 65*8 mm and crossbar sizes from 4mm to 10 mm.
  • Electro forged gratings is a versatile grating that provides rigidity and strength. Uses more electric power to have a strong welding joint between bearing bar & crossbar.
  • Electro forged Grating is manufactured by, PLC controlled equipment, Combining high hydraulic pressure more than 100 tones, high electric current approximately 2200 AMPS, These conditions Fuse the cross& bearing bar into a Seamless Joint.
  • The electro forging processes eliminates any crack or open joint. The strength of the bearing bar is also retained. The square twisted bar (crossbar) provides excellent anti-skid property. We offer the advantage of speedier deliveries, almost 0% deviation/defects for the perfect grating for any requirement.
 Advantages to customers of Fusion Welded Gratings
  • Fusion creates baker Joints of bearing Bar to Crossbar seamlessly, As there are no notches it is less prone to corrosion. Ready stock standard sizes available ex stock reducing valuable procurement time in critical projects
  • Manual Welded Gratings need deep notches for welding & hence reduce the strength of the steel. Gratings can be bought in long panels & cut to size by the user at site.
    Important Things about galvanizing
The Thickness and Appearance of Our Coating, the Expected Outdoor Service Life of Galvanized Coating Designing Products for Galvanizing, Typical types of Products that are Galvanized

In this step, the product is completely immersed in a bath consisting of a minimum of 98% pure molten zinc. The bath chemistry is specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in Specification B6.
  • The two properties of the hot-dip galvanized coating that is closely scrutinized after galvanizing are coating thickness and coating appearance. A variety of simple physical and laboratory tests may be performed to determine thickness, uniformity, adherence, and appearance.
  • Products are galvanized according to long-established, well-accepted, and approved standards of the ASTM. These standards cover everything from the minimum required coating thicknesses for various categories of galvanized items to the composition of the zinc metal used in the process. The standard used is ASTM A123
  • The installation has the advantages of simple construction, lightweight, good impact resistance, good bearing capacity ability, rather large water displacement characteristics, corrosion and rust resistance. Testing methods and interpretation of results are covered in the publication, The Inspection of Products Hot Dip Galvanized after Fabrication, published by the American Galvanizing Association (AGA).
  • Because we are a member, this publication is available from Ohio Galvanizing.
  • The standard for touchup is ASTM 780, According to numerous national and international studies, hot-dip galvanizing produces no significant changes in the mechanical properties of the structural steels or welds commonly used throughout the world.  The galvanized product's underlying steel is chemically and metallurgical equivalent to the uncoated steel.
Why Choose TDFC
We are producing and sailing of various products. With the first-class product quality, good corporate reputation, stable after-sales service, more and more customers are providing the products.
We have the advanced machines including the Spot Grating Welding Machine, CNC punching machine, the servo feeding, forming, bending, welding, and the assembly line. Steel grating is our main product.
Our advantages:
  1. We have spot Grating Welding Machine for Standard manufacturing of Grating. The machine is Electromechanical which having an Automatic system. We have a standard manufacturing line and a complete quality ensuring the system for hot-dip galvanized steel grating reaching the requirements.
  2. We own the most advanced production equipment. We have about 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting.
It is widely used in various plants at home and abroad, like power plant, chemical plants, oil refinery, iron and steelworks, machine factories, paper mills, cement mills, hospitals, and food processing factories, etc
Ordering Information
To place an inquiry/order fill in the details as shown below:
  1. Raw Material Details: Mild Steel / S.S.  [1. Grade] / Aluminum
  2. Frame bar Size / or Open Ended
  3. Bearing bar width / Grating height
  4. B/B spacing [Span ]
  5. Crossbar Size
  6. Crossbar Spacing
  7. Panel Size