Technology Development Fabrication Company Pakistan


We are producing different types of products at our workshop, mentioned as below:
  1. Buckets with different size & specification
  2. Expansion Joint of Raw Mill Classifier outlet Duct
  3. Louver Damper & Damper Valve
  4. Rotary Air Lock Valve & Control Valve
  5. Grinding Roller Support plate
  6. Bearing Housing
  7. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  8. All types Conveyors
  9. Heavy-duty I-beams with Galvanisation
  10. Screw Jack
  11. Assembly of air slides casing
  12. Sprockets for various purposes 
  13. Rain cover of belt conveyor, corrugated sheets 
  14. Drum Drive Assembly
  15. Electric poles
  16. Kiln & Dummy shell
  17. Kiln outlet seals
  18. Static Cone for Fan system